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Jowd (Husband)

Kamila (Daughter)

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Chapter 11 (silhouetted flashback)

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Alma is the wife of Jowd and the mother of Kamila who died five years before the game when a birthday surprise contraption made for her by Kamila was secretly manipulated by the vengeful Yomiel to shoot her in the original timeline. Jowd was prepared to take the death penalty to protect Kamila but thanks to the combined efforts of Sissel, detective Lynne, Missile, Jowd, Kamila, inspector Cabanela and the reforming Yomiel, her death is negated and she lives in peace with her family and Sissel the cat.

Appearance Edit

Alma appears as a beautiful and thin woman with purple hair that is tied in a low ponytail with bangs pointing up at the left side.

She wears an indigo dress with ruffles on the shoulders.

Personality Edit

Like Kamila (Alma's daughter), Alma seems to be a quiet woman who is a good wife and mother.

Trivia Edit

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