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This is the eleventh chapter of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


Sissel travels to the kidnappers' place, and frees the captive - Kamila - from the trunk she was trapped in, learning in the meantime the place she used to live in bears a remarkable similarity to the superintendent's room in the junkyard's basement.

Sissel finds out Kamila possesses a core of the dead (which she didn't have last time) - meaning she'd died and been saved at least once before. He talks to her, learning she'd been kidnapped at Temsik park (which Lynne had told her to stay away from), losing the music box in the process, and that her father was not the Justice Minister, but Detective Jowd instead - who had not, in fact, murdered his wife, but rather found her dead, accidentally killed by a contraption Kamila had set up as a surprise, and taken the blame for it.

Beauty senses Sissel in the room, and leaves the room along with Dandy and Kamila - though not before telling Sissel that Kamila would die should she sense him again.



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