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This is the second chapter of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. And this is the chapter which you will rescue Missile and his mistress Kamila at Lynne's apartment.


Sissel is transported via the phone line to a gadget-filled room where two blue-skinned men are. Who are then referring to the Red-head (Lynne) as their target. Sissel himself soon appears on their screen and the two blue men say they can't trust him, mentioning a deal they had with him. This is when Sissel discovers his apparently "true" name. 


Kamila and Missile

One step ahead Tengo then calls Sith telling them he's at Lynne's appartment waiting for her. Sissel goes through the phone line to save Lynne, but finds a young girl (Kamila) tied up and her dog (Missile) dead. Sissel then goes 4MBD and saves them both by luring them under the sofa with a donut, out of sight. 

The phone then rings informing Tengo that Lynne is still at the junkyard. He leaves the apartment. The phone rings again, Kamila answers and it's Lynne. She tells Kamila to meet her at The Chicken Kitchen since it isn't safe there, and that she must bring the music box (which Sissel can drop on top of the Christmas tree). A strange man with a bird on his head then interupts Lynne, making her scream, causing Kamila to drop the phone in the fishtank. Kamila swiftly leaves the apparetment and Sissel finds himself trapped in it... 

4MBD = Four Minutes Before Death



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