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This is the third chapter of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


Sissel finds himself trying to escape from Lynne's apartment, but the telephone is out of service, so he is forced to find another way out. Emma, the lady next door, threatens to knock the door down if Missile continues barking. Sissel uses his powers of the dead to get Emma to knock down a painting and create a path to her apartment, and leaves Missile to find a path of his own (which starts as just slamming against the door). Now in Emma's apartment, he uses a dictionary to get to the phone near Emma's daughter's (Amelie's) bed, and from there to the Justice Minister's office. In the meantime, Amelie asks her mother to stop fighting with her father, and the Justice Minister asks Emma to go back home and to talk to Amelie, which Emma refuses.

In the troubled Justice Minister's office, a guard comes in and is asked by the Minister to leave. Sissel travels to the Junkyard, where two detectives are talking and a doctor is examining his body. After meeting again with Ray, he learns Lynne has been taken into custody under suspicion of his murder. Inspector Cabanela comes in, calls the park and is answered by the Guardian, and asks to talk to Detective Rindge, who he tells to inform him if anything happens on his stake out mission. The two detectives inform him of Lynne's detainment in the superintendent's office, and he goes there to interview her.

Some time later, a bang is heard, and Cabanela orders the Green Detective to send the doctor up to the office. Sissel decides to go as well, and takes the phone up there.



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