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vThis is the sixth chapter of the game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.


Sissel goes back to the prison, and after knocking down some memos, learns that prisoner D99 (whom Lynne asked him to learn about) has a beard, and was convicted for the murder of his wife. Prisoner C38 (the Rock Jailbird) comes into the phone room to make his call, and Sissel follows him to the cells. Sissel jumps from cell to cell to D99's, where he finds him painting. He finds the blackboard containing D99's schedule, but it is blank. Before leaving to tell Lynne the news, he sees the picture D99 was painting - a portrait of a man in red.

Sissel goes back to the guard room, where Officer Bailey receives a call from the Police Chief and Inspector Cabanela. Inspector Cabanela asks about Lynne, and tells Bailey to inform him if she calls again. After the call, Bailey mentions Inspector Cabanela and prisoner D99 (Detective Jowd) were good friends, and Sissel takes the phone to the Police Station. There, Cabanela and the Chief discuss the case, and play the security camera footage - in which a suitcase-carrying Sissel talks to Lynne, leans on the wall and is shot by her. The Chief wonders why Sissel's corpse was found on the lower junkyard, given he was shot at the entrance, and Cabanela plays another tape, where a black cat can be seen coming out of the suitcase Sissel was carrying, and knocking his corpse down to the lower floor.

The radio rings, and Lynne is reported to be at "Point X" by Detective Rindge, who is then asked by Inspector Cabanela to move her away and take her into custody. Detective Rindge agrees, but a few moments later a loud crash is heard and the communication cuts out. Cabanela tries to call the Chicken Kitchen, but is answered by a distressed Jovial Tenor, who hangs up quickly. Inspector Cabanela leaves, mentioning there is someplace else he's got to be at.



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