The Chicken Kitchen is a two-story restaurant where Memry, a bartender and Chef Jovial Tenor work.

62-capture 315

Entrance to the kitchen of Chicken Kitchen

The Restaurant that specializes in cooking whole chicken with a large chicken decoration hanging over the first floor. It's connected with the kitchen where the Chef cooks the whole chicken and a Bar on the second floor.

This place is Lynne meeting point to pick up Kamila after a break in of their apartment. Due to the Criminal Couple Kidnapping Kamila mistaken for Amelie, Lynne waited for hours until an incident she saves Memry's life from the Van crashing into the place that ends up getting Lynne crushed by the giant Chicken decoration. Thanks to Sissel, Lynne was saved and the accident had never happened.

This place is also the Police Stake out Location called "Point X" which only a few of police knows it, to believe it's the meeting point of the Manipulator, along the criminal couple Beauty and Dandy waiting for him. Due to the Junkyard Incident earlier, the Manipulator never arrived the meeting point and the criminal couple left the restaurant to carry out the kidnapping ransom.

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