Curry-Loving Jailbird
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Chapter 6


Curry Jailbird / C74 / Sausage Head









The Curry-Loving Jailbird is an inmate in the special prison. He broke through an impossible security at the Metro Police Department (manipulated by the manipulator), and demanded curry and rice. He thought the curry was too spicy and torched the department down with a flamethrower.

After he was arrested and jailed, he worked with the Rock Jailbird on an escape plan whereby he will dig his way out using a spoon while his partner will watch the guards' movements. They communicated through notes flushed down from the Rock Jailbird's toilet to the Curry-Loving Jailbird's toilet, from which he would know whether it's safe to continue digging depending on the guards' movements. Rather unfortunately (or fortunately for the law), the curry-loving digger would eventually reach a solid iron wall.

In the alternate timeline after Yomiel's fate-change, the Curry-Loving Jailbird is the reason why Chicken Kitchen is researching the perfect Curried Chicken recipe. Beauty and Dandy's failed safe-cracking attempt also showered him in money.


  • The Curry-Loving Jailbird's strangely-shaped and rather floppy head (earning him the nickname "Sausagehead") may be a result of the suction cup-like device that attaches to his head while he sleeps, which was shown in his prison cell. In any case, it doesn't seem to bother the man any.

Another way Sissel used him.

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