Ghost tricks (also known as the powers of the dead) are special abilities in Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective. On the rare occasion, a person will die but then gain special powers. Sometimes the powers of the dead can be sensed, as shown by Beauty. Only Sissel, Missile and Yomiel are known to have these powers in the game.

Types of Ghost TricksEdit


Possession is the most simple ability in the game, the most used, and one of the abilities that all three ghosts with Ghost Tricks can use. The usage is simple, the player just drag a soul from the core of one object to another while in the Ghost World. The range of what one can do with it changes from ghost to ghost. Sissel can manipulate small inanimate objects, Yomiel can manipulate any object, and Missile can swap objects. They can also move from one core to another, each with a different range.

Telephone LinesEdit

This allows the user to travel along the telephone lines to reach another destination. Only Ray is known to be unable to use this ability.

Time TravelEdit

This is a power Sissel gained. In order to discover what happened that night, he used it to travel 4 minutes before various deaths and helped correct them. This Ability can also be used by Missile with the same advantages and limitations. The time limit is 4 minutes likely because the Japanese word for four (四, "shi" or "yon") can be pronounced the same as the word for death (死, "shi").

Manipulating ObjectsEdit

This is a power Sissel gained. It allows him to move from object to object, and then manipulate them into doing something, such as opening or closing.

Swapping ObjectsEdit

This is the power that Missile gained. It allows him to switch two objects of the same shape. He first used his power in Temsik Park to help Kamila.

Manipulating Human BeingsEdit

This is the power Yomiel gained. He used it to manipulate both the justice minister and Lynne.


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