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The Guardian of the Park is an unnamed young man who stays in Temsik Park.

He's often seen harassing people in Temsik Park with his leaflets about the "rock of the gods" and saving the park from being turned into a housing estate. This is with good reason, because he witnessed the Temsik meteorite fall ten years ago and saw the meteorite fragment kill Yomiel, who had taken little Lynne hostage.

It is also because of the Temsik meteorite that the park is going to be turned into housing however. Unknown to him, the authorities wanted to remove the meteorite without raising a fuss and had planned the housing plan to cover up their movements.

He also witnessed Kamila's kidnapping, and died once because Missile swapped Mino which had crushed Kamila with a leaf above his head, crushing him instead until Sissel came along.

During Yomiel's explanation of the Temsik meteorite, Yomiel explained that the park was surrounded by armed guards at all times to prevent theft of the space-rock; tiptoeing onto the screen, an incredulous Sissel asks if the Guardian of the Park was one of those armed guards in a disguise- Yomiel confirmed, however, that the Guardian is just a really weird guy who loves the park.

He deeply resembles Lotta Hart from Ace Attorney series. 


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