Justice Minister
Justice Minister model
Official Artwork



Japanese Name

(法務大臣 Hōmudaijin)
(オッチンドル Otchindoru)




Emma (Wife)
Amelie (Daughter)


Emma (Married)

The Justice Minister is one of the characters appearing in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He has a wife called Emma, who lives in an apartment with his daughter Amelie.


The Justice Minister is first seen lying dead on the ground in his own office. After going back in time, Sissel found out he got a fatal heart attack as he accidentally dropped his medicine and the water bottle. Sissel manages to save him by kicking the medicine back on the desk.

It was soon found out that the minister's daughter had been kidnapped and that he only agreed with the execution of Jowd because he had no choice. Sissel however finds out that the kidnappers had mistakingly kidnapped Kamila instead. He then goes to the Minister's home and lets Amelie call the minister to calm him down.

After he calmed down a bit, the Justice minister now admits to himself that ghosts are not in his mind, but that they do exist. He also tells Sissel, Cabanela and Jowd that he had been manipulated by the Manipulator into signing Jowd's execution.


Ghost TheoryEdit

At first the Justice Minister thought Sissel was a dream.

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