Kitchen of Chicken Kitchen
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Kitchen of Chicken Kitchen



First Appearance

Chapter 7

Kitchen of the Chicken Kitchen is the place where the chef of Chicken Kitchen cooks his chicken. This location will be visited by Sissel in Chapter 7.

This place can be accessed through the Telephone during Detective Rindge's '4-minutes before death' trick. When the player first enters this room, they will see that the 'Fate Changed'.

The goal of the player in this room is to prevent Memry from planting the listening bug on the chicken. That way, Detective Rindge won't get an electrical shock from the destruction of the bug from Beauty.


Objects with a core that can be possessed by Sissel.

ObjectGhost Trick
SwitchTurn On / Turn Off
T-ShirtScrunch & Stretch
Pot ----
Chef's Hat ----
Pedal (left)Operate
Pedal (right)Operate
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