Pigeon Man
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Chapter 2










Cabanela, Jowd, Sissel, Lynne (all ten years ago)

The Pigeon Man is an unnamed junkyard superintendant with a blue pigeon on his head.

He is an ex-police medical examiner who quit his job to research the powers of Temsik radiation after he came across Yomiel's unusual "corpse" ten years ago. He found that there wasn't a scratch on the corpse, and that the corpse healed from any injury. He was bewildered by this strange body. He never filed an autopsy report, because the body went up and vanished. Since then, he has unveiled quite a few facts about Temsik that Yomiel picked up from watching him.

He helps Inspector Cabanela in Jowd's case by recreating Kamila's birthday mechanism from Cabanela's reports, thereby proving to himself and Cabanela that the manipulator exists. Eventually he and Cabanela get ahold of Yomiel's soulless body. He's killed when Yomiel uses dynamite to destroy the birthday mechanism and is crushed by falling debris. His death is ultimately prevented by Missile.


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