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クネリ (Kuneri)



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Brown and Cream




Kamila (Previous Owner)

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Chapter 1

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This is no time to be lolling around dead! You're the only one who can save her!

—Ray's first lines in the game

Ray is a ghost from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He takes the form of a desk lamp, and serves as Sissel's mentor throughout the game.

Plot Edit

Ray is a twelve year old Missile from the very first timeline in the game. His two mistresses, Lynne and Kamila had been killed in that timeline, Kamila in Lynne's apartment by Tengo and Yomiel (who also took the antique gun that was evidence of Yomiel's manipulation of Alma's death), and Lynne in the Zone-D junkyard by Jeego.

He was lucky enough to have been blown upwards by the force of Tengo's bullet into the range of Yomiel's Temsik meteorite radiation when he was killed, so he received his special swap powers. It wasn't enough to save his mistress Kamila in Lynne's apartment however, because he could only swap things not manipulate them.

Then overhearing Yomiel and Tengo's conversation, he found out Lynne had been killed too, and arrived at the junkyard to find a fur-raising sight: Sissel manipulating a creaky discarded desk lamp to twist and swivel around.

He then asks if Sissel could help him, but the newly dead ghost refuses, saying "I just want to find my own lost memory. I'm sorry, but I can't help you." before disappearing over the telephone line.

Left with no choice, Missile follows Tengo and Yomiel back to the submarine, and then he travels ten years back through Yomiel's corpse to the second timeline and waited until the fateful night came around again. This is where the events of the game start.

This time, in the guise of a desk lamp, he tricks Sissel into thinking that he had only one night to find out his identity before disappearing for good, and then guided him along the right path to getting back his memories by naming Lynne as a potential lead.

He then stays in the junkyard, too weak to move until Sissel succeeds in changing the present timeline to a happier third timeline before revealing everything he was to the cat. Then he disappears as the very first timeline he was from ceases to exist.

Other appearancesEdit

Ray appeared as a card in the mobile game Street Fighter ✕ All Capcom.


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