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Sith is the main antagonist of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. He is the one who ordered the hitmen to kill Lynne, and made false promises to Yomiel so he could get the Temsik Meteor fragment.


Sith is first seen in the second chapter of the game, when he calls the hitman Jeego to ask if he has finished doing his job of killing Lynne. Originally, Jeego answers the phone, but after Sissel's intervention, it is Detective Lynne who picks up the phone.

Before the events of the game, Yomiel contacted Sith and made a deal with him: Yomiel will sell his ghost powers to Sith, and Sith will give Yomiel a new life. Sith will help Yomiel get his revenge as well, as part of the deal.

However, what Sith planned was to betray Yomiel and take his meteor fragment for himself. He systematically targeted and killed all people in Yomiel's country that knew Temsik and its powers, and then used the submarine Yonoa as a coffin for the ghost after taking the Temsik fragment from Yomiel's body and fleeing in a smaller submarine.

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