Telephones are recurring items in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and serve an important role in the game as Sissel's primary method of long-range transportation. As long as the telephone number is known, Sissel can "dial" this number from (almost) any other telephone in order to reach the respective phone.

If Sissel possesses a telephone while it is already in use by a caller, he is able to trace the phone call and travel to the other end of the call. This is also his only way to gain telephone numbers.

Prison phones Edit

The prison contains Internal Phones, which can only dial the other phones in the prison. Unlike with regular telephones, Sissel doesn't need the telephone number of the other phone to use them, but he must have possessed the phone he wishes to travel to at least once.

When in "4 minutes before death" mode, telephones can not be used. An exception occurs when the telephone is used during those 4 minutes, allowing Sissel to go to the most recently dialed location.