Temsik Park is a peaceful place full of nature and is also the setting of the                                                       Final Chapter of the Game as well as the final area in the game.


2 of the Areas shown in-game (one of which is depicted in Day-time as well as night)

There are 3 Areas of Temsik Park that you see in-game: The Meteorite Crash Site, The Fountain, and the Playground. Each of which has at least one Death Scene featured in said places. The Crash Site features Missile 's Second Death which is when he gained his powers. His death was cause by Dandy 's Motorcycle which was driven into Missile.

The Fountain features Yomiel 's Death which is how he also obtained his Ghost Tricks. His death was caused the a fragment of the Temsik Meteorite which had come off of the Meteorite and buried itself within Yomiel's back. (Spoiler Warning) Sissel's Death is happened around here as well, where he fell victim to the Temsik fragment instead of Yomiel as the two succeeded in altering the latter's death with Missile's help.

The Playground features Kamila's Death and later the Guardian of the Park's. Kamila's death was caused by Dandy accidentally pulled the lever of a crane holding the "Mino", dropping it on her. Later, Missile revived her by Rewind back time and Swapping the falling Mino with a Leaf happened to be above the Guardian of the Park, Killing him without knowledge.

Trivia, Edit

"Temsik" is "Kismet" spelled backwards, which is the Turkish word for "Fate".

In the Spanish version, Temsik is called "Onitsed" which is "Destino" spelled backwards, also "Destino" is the spanish word for "Fate" or "Destiny". In the Italian version, Temsik is called "Etros" which is "Sorte" spelled backwards, "Sorte" means "Fate".

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