Official Artwork


"One Step Ahead" Tengo

Japanese name

(テンゴ Tengo)




Jeego (Rival)

First Appearance

Chapter 2

No. of deaths



(Presumably) Alive

Tengo is a foreign hitman who was tasked to kill Lynne. He specializes in shooting his victims from a distance and uses a sniper rifle. His nickname is "One Step Ahead Tengo", because he always is one step ahead of everyone. He sees Nearsighted Jeego as his rival.

He seems to like donuts and can eat them with great skill by throwing them into his mouth with the business end of his rifle. He also talks a lot to himself, sprouting advice on how to become a great hitman. He wants to become head of Sith's hitman division.

Tengo's glasses may be used to correct his own nearsightedness, placing him "one step ahead" of Jeego by being able to see correctly.

Plot Edit

Tengo is first seen in the second chapter of the game, where he goes to Lynne's apartment to kill her. After arriving, he first shoots Missile, then ties and gags Kamila. Sissel then saves Missile from his death by hiding both him and Kamila under the couch, so Tengo doesn't notice their presence.

After another phone call from Sith, Tengo heads to the Junkyard in order to kill Lynne there. Initially he succeeds by shooting her from the top of the police van outside. When Sissel turns back time to save Lynne, he flattens Tengo by dropping a heavy crate on him, eliminating him.

Alternate timeline (the first timeline) Edit

Instead of killing only Missile, Tengo killed both Missile and Kamila in Ray's timeline. This is probably due to Yomiel's presence.

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